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Bluff Titler

With this you could re-create almost anything you have seen as opening and closing credits for TV By David Hague

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 Creating titles is something of an art and why there is a separate team usually making them.

 If you look at the credits of a TV show or film, you'll quite often see a completely different company credited for titles.

 Yes, there are businesses that JUST make titles and opening/closing sequences.

 Most video editing packages can do titles do some degree or other. Some are exceptionally good, and some are nauseatingly bad. Thankfully Bluff Titler exists to fill in the gaps.

 Bluff Titler's metaphor revolves around the concepts of templates and layers. Every layer in an animation can have its own effects and these are dictated over time by using key frames. If you have never used key frames, in essence they are a snapshot in time of an animation. As you advance over time, you add more key frames, and at each point make the changes you want to the animation. Once built, the software then generates in intervening frames automatically.




For example, at the start of a credit, your text may be Impact Bold 12 point, but you want it to grow smoothly in size, so that at the end, it is Impact Bold 72 point. By setting a key frame at the start where the text is the first size, and another at the end with the text the larger size, Bluff Titler will then generate all the frames in  between, growing the text larger and larger.



Bluff Titles has a multitude of layer types such as the aforementioned text layer. Other types are Picture, Camera, Light, Video, Particle, Sketch, Audio and more. In fact there are over 15 different layer types allowing a full breadth of your artistic skills!




Each Layer type has Properties that can be key framed to allow you to build up a complete animation as simple or as complex as you like. These Property types vary according to the Layer type. For example for a Text layer there is a Font Size Property, which would be pretty silly to have on say a Picture Property. Likewise, a Particle Layer has a Launch Speed Property, which does not suit say a Scroller Layer.

There are three Property Sliders which control the parameters of a Property, so for example, with a Text Property of Position, these would let you control (and place key frames) for horizontal, vertical and depth (X, Y, Z axes and. for colours, they control the red, green and blue components (RGB).


Bluff Titler comes with an amazing array of standard templates you can use as is, or as starting points for your own animations. Of course, you can start from absolute scratch if you wish but I'd be pretty sure you'd find something there that will free up some work time.


At first glance, Bluff Titler looks complicated and imposing, even to an experienced video editor, but in actuality, the concept is quite easy to grasp. In short, an animation is made up of Layers which in turn is built out of Key frames with Properties controlled by three sliders. It is just the sheer array of possibilities that can be a little intimidating at the start.

Certainly once you grasp the concept (and that took me about an hour) and start playing, you can quickly build credits and animations that whilst possible in many of the higher end editing packages, or motion graphics programs such as Adobe After Effects or Boris Red, would take much, much longer and need more building if components that come pre-supplied in Bluff Titler.


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David is the owner and publisher of Australian Videocamera. He has a background in media dating back to 1979 when he first got involved with photojournalism in motorsport, and went from there into technology via a 5 year stint with Tandy Computers.

Moving back to WA, David wrote scripts for Computer Television for video training for the just released Windows and Office 95 among others, and was then lured to Sydney to create web sites for the newly commercial Internet in 1995, building hundreds of sites under contract to OzEmail including Coates Hire, Hertz Queensland, John Williamson, the NSW Board of Studies and many, many more.

David can be contacted via

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