Leveling Up: NYU Game Center Offers Masters Program By Stu Horvath Stu Horvath talks to the NYU Game Center`s director -- and Zynga co-founder -- Frank Lantz about the details of their newly announced master`s degree program. ...Read More »
Leveling Up: NYU Game Center Offers Masters Program By Stu Horvath Stu Horvath talks to the NYU Game Center`s director -- and Zynga co-founder -- Frank Lantz about the details of their newly announced master`s degree program. ...Read More »
Thought Leaders: Steve Pitzel By Stu Horvath What`s next for digital art and game development? DIG talks to industry leader and tech evangelist Steve Pitzel to get his vision for the future. ...Read More »
AMD64 - Directly Connecting Your Imagination to Reality By Charlie Boswell Each generation of new technology assaulting the digital content creator typically comes with elaborate promises about how its going to change lives. Sometimes thats actually true -- but not always for the better. Non-linear editing systems brought the number of ?workarounds to new heights ...Read More »
This is not a 2D world By Atom Zeidler This is not a 2D world. Now there is no reason that the world of media has to be either. In recent years, producing a high quality 3D image has become easier and more affordable. Film, commercial and broadcast production houses are using 3D imaging more and more frequently to create more realistic and exciting graphics, both to entertain and to educate. ...Read More »
Adobe to Acquire Macromedia By Stephen Schleicher Yesterday, Adobe announced that it would acquire Macromedia in a stock option trade valued at around $3.4 billion. This subtle announcement may come as a shock to many users of the Macromedia products, and it will have a huge impact in the web development and content creation worlds. ...Read More »
Beginners Guide to NAB By Ko Maruyama If you're planning to attend the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in a couple of weeks, you've probably already signed up and are beginning to receive emails and notices daily. The emails probably have all kinds of information regarding the various conferences that will be held, some on satellite technology, others on HD delivery specifications. But you probably haven't received any notices from NAB to wear comfortable shoes. ...Read More »
Anark Studio 3.0 By Ko Maruyama In what can only be described as a Mac author's recurring nightmare, Anark has announced that their Anark Studio product will only be available for Mac when "conditions are right." The chicken/egg conundrum that has made software solutions for content authoring on a Mac slim, continues. Anark finally delivers a mature application that looks great, but for its PC users only. ...Read More »
Gift of Giving By Stephen Schleicher Got a new G5 for the holidays? Did you get a new camera, or gaming system and no longer want your old technology? Have you thought about making a charitable donation? ...Read More »
Don't Frustrate the Viewer By Charlie White Sometimes digital video editing involves magic. You can flash something here to attract the viewer's eye and then over there, make something happen the viewer doesn't see. That's part of the thrill of producing and editing video -- manipulating where people will look. But then sometimes you can give the viewers so many things to look at that they don't see anything. In that case, you've broken the cardinal rule of video production: Don't Frustrate the Viewer. Let's figure out how to stay in the good graces of that rule. ...Read More »
Motion And the Big Picture By Kevin Schmitt Like many of you, I spent the better part of this last week constantly refreshing my various browser window in the hopes of catching the absolute latest news coming out of Vegas, where NAB just closed up shop until this time next year. Of course, I don't have to remind anyone who was grabbing the (very) early headlines; Apple was quite busy providing whiz-bang fireworks on what is usually a traditional day of rest. ...Read More »
NAB Diary 2004: Preview Edition By Stephen Schleicher Now in its fourth year, the NAB Diary will be returning to these pages in just a few weeks giving you an up close look at the action going on at the show. While the show is still a few weeks away, now is the perfect opportunity to give you a sneak peak at the thoughts going through my head of what we might expect at the show. ...Read More »
The Case for Specialists By Dariush Derakhshani Special effects have become a pervasive part of the television industry, with especially heavy growth in effects-driven or CG-enhanced commercials. As a matter of fact, a large number of commercials being produced currently go through at least a minor amount of compositing, where different elements of separate live action shoots are merged together and matched into one scene. ...Read More »
The Accidental Switcher By Kevin Schmitt Man, I sure do love my Flash MX. I find myself using it to some extent in each and every interactive project I do, and it's even creeping its way into my motion graphics workflow on video projects as the straight-up QuickTime-friendly animation tool it certainly is capable of being. There's only one little, nagging problem. I'm finding that the more time I spend in Flash MX, the less time I'm spending on a Mac. ...Read More »
Making 3D Software Accessible Requires More Than Just Making it Cheaper By Paul Babb I often wonder if some of the decision-makers in the 3D-software industry have been hearing voices. You know, like the one Kevin Costner heard in the "Field of Dreams." Only this voice seems to have whispered, "if you make it cheaper, they will come." Of course, that's an improvement over the voice of just a few years ago that was touting, "if you make it free, they will come." ...Read More »
Talkin' Smack: Acquire and Conquer By Dave Nagel If you were in any doubt about Apple's direction in the past, you can now be pretty certain now where things are heading. With the acquisition of Emagic yesterday, Apple made its plans completely clear for the Macintosh platform: total domination of the creative market. ...Read More »
Lucas Are You Listening? By Stephen Schleicher When I went off on my rant last week about filmmakers changing their movies to update effects or make the film more politically correct, I had no idea I would get flooded with responses from readers who have the same concerns I do. Here is a sampling. Lucas are you listening? ...Read More »
Star Wars Episode 4.6.0: A New New New Hope By Stephen Schleicher Star Wars Episode Four: A New Hope was probably the reason why many of us got into the industry - motion pictures, special effects, animation, graphics, etc. In 1977 the movie was something that blew audiences away and became one of those films that redefined the industry. In 1997 technology had improved greatly; Starship Troopers came out that year that had animated special effects that made the effects from the 77 flick pale in comparison. So what does Lucas do? He changes his film. Not only did he enhance the effects and clean it up, but in a couple of scenes he changed the whole tone of the film. ...Read More »
Where The Reader Is King By Charlie White Many times, readers send me email, wanting to know how I review software and hardware, how I make editorial decisions, what kind of relationship I have with our advertisers, and whether I am beholden to anybody. Sometimes, if I write an article or editorial that a reader disagrees with, I'll be accused of being bought by one manufacturer or another. The following editorial explains what influence vendors and readers have over what I do, how I decide what to write about, and for whom I write. ...Read More »
Bonus Smack: It's the Big One, Elizabeth By Dave Nagel Good gooblety goop! It's finally here--Photoshop 7.0 for Mac OS X ... and, uh, all those other operating systems as well. But who cares about those? With the release of the most ubiquitous creative application on any platform, Adobe has finally made Mac OS X a viable operating system for creative professionals. And that means everything else can kiss my shiny, graphite Mac! ...Read More »
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